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Master of Social Science (MSS) in Journalism & Mass Communication is a contemporary, critical and applied course of study. The program is designed in such a way to provide the students with a comprehensive grounding in the theories, skills and research necessary for proper analyzing, understanding and working in various Mass Media and Communication contents.

Admission Eligibility: 
Graduates having BA/BSS/ BCom/ BSc or equivalent degree may apply for admission into MSS in Journalism and Mass Communication Course.

Duration of the Program: 
Masters of Social Science (MSS) in Journalism & Mass Communication consist of 1 (one) year duration having 3 (three) semesters. Each semester will be of 4 (four) months duration.

The schedule for one academic year will be as follows:

Description Semester Duration
Semester-I Spring  January – April
Semester-II Summer May – August
Semester-III Fall  September – December

Procedure for Graduation: 
To obtain the Master of Social Science (MSS) in Journalism and Mass Communication degree a student will have to complete 30 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.00. If any student fails in any course s/he will get the opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent semester.

Structure of Courses: The program consists of compulsory 27 credit hours and thesis/internship 3 credit hours (in total 30 credit hours).

Course outline of one-year Master of Social Science (MSS) Program in Journalism and Mass Communication

Sl. No. Year Semester Course Code Course Title Credit
1 1st 1st JMC 501 Review on Communication Theories 3
3 1st JMC 502 Advanced Reporting for Media 3
3 1st JMC 503 Media Economics and Management 3
4 2nd JMC 504 Audience Research and Content Analysis 3
5 2nd JMC 505 Newspaper Design Skill and Production  3
6 2nd   Optional (any one) JMC 506 Health and Population Communication 3
JMC 507 Contemporary American Journalism 3
JMC 508 Communication Policy and Planning 3
7 3rd JMC 509 Public Relations 3
8 3rd   Optional (any one) JMC 510 Communication Issues in Bangladesh 3
9 JMC 511  TV Script, Production and Editing 3
10 3rd JMC 512 Computer Programming and Application 3
11 3rd JMC 520 Dissertation / Project 3
Total 1 Year 3 Semesters     30


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