Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Academic Syllabus

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Daffodil International University is the right choice to start exploring the profession and learn the skills and philosophy of the profession from veterans of media and communication. The experienced and highly trained teachers in the department make sure that students learn how to report and communicate news, create ads, produce video and audio for both radio and TV, shoot photos, with all forms of new media technology, and publish them on all platforms. Our syllabus is designed on the guidelines provided by UNESCO.

 (a) Objective:  

The Master of Social Science (MSS) programme in Journalism and Mass Communication is a contemporary, critical and applied course of study. The programme is designed in such a way as to provide the students with a comprehensive grounding in the theories, skills and research necessary for understanding and working in various Mass Media and Communication areas.

(b) Duration of the Program: 

Master of Social Science (MSS) in Mass Communication & Journalism is a One-year programme spread over 3 (three) semesters. Each semester is of 4 (four) month’s duration. 
The schedule for one academic year will be as follows:

Description Semester Duration
Semester-I Spring  January – April
Semester-II Summer May – August
Semester-III Fall  September – December

Students with a 4-year BSS degree in Journalism and Mass Communication are eligible for enrollment in the one-year Master of Social Science (MSS) in Journalism and Mass Communication programme. 

 (c) Grading System:  

Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Point Remarks
90-100 A + 4.00 Outstanding
85-89 A 3.75 Excellent
80-84 A - 3.50 Very Good
75-79 B + 3.25 Good
70-75 B 3.00 Satisfactory
65-69 B - 2.75 Above Average
60-64 C + 2.50 Average
55-59 C 2.00 Below Average
50-54 D 1.00 Pass
0-49 F 0.00 Fail

(d) Evaluation Procedure: 

Descriptions Remarks
Class attendance 10%
3 Quizzes 15%
3 Assignment / Class performance 10%
1 Mid-term test 25%
Semester final exam 40%
Total 100%

(e) Procedure for Graduation: 

To obtain the Master of Social Science (MSS) in Journalism and Mass Communication degree a student will have to complete 30 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.5. If any student fails in any course, he/she can improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent semester.  
(f) Structure of Courses: The program consists of compulsory 24 credit hours and thesis/internship 6 credit hours for a total 30 credit hours. Students have the option to take a 6 credit thesis or dissertation or 2 courses for 6 credits in lieu of thesis/dissertation. The programme duration is of three semesters. Each semester is four months long. 

1-Year MSS Programme Course Outline
1st Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit
JMC 513 Review of Communication Theories 3
JMC 514 Advanced Reporting  3
JMC 515 Media Economics and Management 3
JMC 516 Audience Research and Content Analysis 3
Total Credits 12
2nd Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit
JMC 517 L Newspaper Design Skill and Production (Lab) 3
JMC 518 Health and Population Communication 3
JMC520 Communication Policy and Planning 3
JMC521 Communication Issues in Bangladesh 3
Total Credits 12
3rd Semester
Course Code Course Title [Students will take JMC530
(Thesis/Dissertation) or two courses for 6 credits in this semester]
JMC 522 Public Relations 3
JMC 523 TV Script, Production and Editing (Lab) 3
JMC 524 Computer Programming and Application (Lab) 3
 JMC 530 Dissertation/Project Submission 6
  Grand Total 30


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